Coworking 101

Coworking 101: Important Tips for New Members


So you have decided to work in a coworking space, now maybe you are finding a coworking space. You want to try something new- a flexible space rather than just 4 walls of the home. To boost your confidence & productivity, a place to meet new people.

But how does it work? How do you work as a new coworking member? Do not worry as the experts are here to help you! We provide best coworking spaces in Noida sector 135 & sector 4. With our extensive experience under our belts we are here to share the top tips for newbie coworkers for finding your flow & how to be productive.

What is it like to work in a coworking space?

work in a coworking space

First of all let us begin by clarifying a common misconception that unassigned seats in an open office space is known as coworking. Coworking is a flexible office arrangement, most commonly a private office space such as our coworking space in Noida. In more simple words a coworking space is a furnished office with additional top notch facilities like kitchen & lounges to meeting rooms & dedicated smoking areas.

For example, at Execube cowork our members usually meet over coffee during one of our rooftop happy hours. Our lounge areas are always buzzing throughout the day.

Either planned or unplanned, these coworking community interactions lay down the very success of coworking. Sharing ideas, news, events & discussing different perspectives with other people boost productivity and refresh minds.

Moreover, in addition to these sharing facilities many coworking offices like Execube coworking in Noida also include open plan settings to accommodate remote or freelance workers. But office chit chat and fun activities can be distracting especially if you are working to a tight deadline.

So it becomes important to balance between productivity and fun in a coworking environment.

Your first Arrival in a Coworking Space

first Arrival in a Coworking Space

When you arrive in a coworking space there will likely be a host who will let you in & register in the office. He/She will give you an important list and will assist you so do not hesitate to let them know it is your first time at their space & cowork generally.

They will give you a complete tour of their coworking space and let you know which zones or areas are best for which type of work.

Additionally, they will give you important details like wifi details, where the toilets are,  coffee machine location & local lunch spot.

Removing/Ignoring Distraction During Working

Ignoring Distraction while Working

To stay focused while working in a coworking space it is important to minimize distractions. To avoid unwanted noise & distractions during work hours in a coworking space try using noise cancellation headphones.

Keep your workspace organized to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Additionally, set boundaries with fellow coworkers to maintain productivity. If you find yourself getting distracted easily, try using productivity apps.

A well-designed coworking space will have comfortable seating arrangements, soundproofing, and dedicated quiet zones that will all contribute to creating a work atmosphere that enhances productivity & focus.

Connect With Other Members During Breaks

Connect With Peoples During Breaks

Spend some time with colleagues & other coworking community members to enhance your work experience. Begin by sharing ideas or even you can support them with issues they might be facing.  This communication will benefit you personally & professionally by  making your day more fulfilling.  So, whether you’re grabbing a coffee or stretching your legs, strike up a conversation and see where it leads.

Remember networking in this relaxed setting can lead to valuable connections & collaborations.

The Dos and Don’ts in Coworking Space

Dos and Don'ts

Here are some basic dos and don’ts while working in a shared workspace


  • Follow the rules: Every coworking space has its own set of rules & guidelines. Stick to these rules for a smooth workflow.
  • Respect shared spaces: Treat the coworking space as if it were your own. Keep your area neat & clean and do not leave personal belongings lying around in common areas.
  • Be friendly and collaborative: One of the benefits of coworking is the opportunity to network with others. Introduce yourself to other coworkers.
  • Use resources wisely: Top Coworking spaces provide amenities like printers, meeting rooms, and kitchen facilities. So use these resources responsibly so that others can also use them.
  • Communicate openly: If you have any issues or concerns, don’t hesitate to communicate with the community manager or fellow coworkers. Ask them about specific areas for smoking, making phone calls or common lunch areas.


Now let us talk about don’ts in a coworking area

  • First & most importantly do not talk loudly in open spaces no matter if it is allowed. Try to keep the voice to a conversational level.
  • Avoid loud phone calls or playing music without headphones.
  • Do not leave your dirty dishes at your desk, it might make others uncomfortable.
  • Do not spread out across two or three desks with respect to other working areas.
  • Do not monopolize resources: Also think about others when using shared resources like printers or meeting rooms. Do not hog them for extended periods if you do not need to.
  • Don’t forget to clean up: If you use the kitchen or any communal areas make sure to clean up after using.

There are chances you might not find the best coworking space in the first place but these tips might hopefully help you in making you comfortable when working in a new coworking space.

Execube Cowork: Best Coworking Space in Noida

About Execube Cowork

Execube Cowork is a top coworking space provider in Noida with a range of top-notch amenities to enhance your working experience.

Stay connected with high-speed WiFi, ensuring seamless online access for your work needs. Print and copy documents smoothly with our printing and copying services available on-site.

Uninterrupted work sessions with our 24/7 power backup. Conduct productive meetings in our dedicated conference rooms which have top of the line audio and video equipment.

Take a break and socialize in our Hangout Zone, designed for relaxation and unwinding between work sessions. Rest assured with round-the-clock security, providing a safe and secure environment for you to work in peace.

Located just 5 minutes from flyway toll gates, our space offers convenient DND connectivity. Additionally, we’re easily accessible by bus, with a bus station just located across the road. For those commuting by metro we are within walking distance from Noida Sector 16 metro station.


Ultimately a coworking space helps you in making focus & productivity, improves your mental health & wellbeing gives you the chance to meet some new brains and provides a chance to connect with a growing community and get you out of the house into a workspace which excites and motivates you while working.

To understand more about how coworking can help you read our article on “Factors to consider while looking for a new office space.”

Curious to explore further?

If you are interested in exploring more about coworking spaces or about how execube coworking spaces can help you & your team grow in a more efficient way then contact us today!


How to find the right coworking space?

There are multiple factors that are involved in determining the best coworking space. Location, amenities, requirement, preferences & overall vibe. Start by searching online for coworking spaces near you & then check out their websites and photos to see if they match your requirements and preferences.

What are some important dos and don’ts while working in a coworking space?

Dos include following the rules and guidelines of the coworking space, respecting shared spaces, being friendly with other coworkers & using resources responsibly while Don’ts include avoiding loud noises, phone calls without headphones, leaving dirty dishes at your desk & forgetting to clean up communal areas after use.

How can Execube Cowork enhance my coworking experience?

Execube Cowork offers top-notch amenities including high-speed WiFi, printing and copying services, 24/7 power backup, dedicated conference rooms with advanced audio and video equipment, a Hangout Zone for relaxation and socializing, and round-the-clock security.

Conveniently located in Noida sector 16 & sector 135 near metro station.

What are the benefits of working in a coworking space?

There are a number of benefits of working in a coworking space that can provide opportunities to network with others & connect you with a growing community of like minded individuals.

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