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Factors to consider while looking for a new office space


So you are thinking of moving to a new office space. There might be many reasons you might be looking to relocate.  Whatever may be the reason finding a new office can be challenging, there are so many factors to think about.

You want to pick the premises that are best to your business while ensuring that your employees are happy with the change too.

According to BCO research, 97% of employees believe that their office space symbolizes how much their employer values them.

Another research by Gettysburg College, the average person spends one third of their life at work which means that we spend most of our time in an office environment. However, these numbers vary by industry and job role.

Employees who enjoy their environment will be more engaged, productive, happy and will have more mental peace. A well maintained indoor office environment results in people taking fewer sick days, reduces employee churn, and improves employee satisfaction.

But once you have made the move based on the given tips, your business will benefit from the improved location, increased space, and change of scenery. You will experience increased productivity and staff wellbeing as a result.

Tips when looking for a new office space-

Location & Accessibility-

In busy cities, traffic and a lack of parking spaces are big worries for workers. A recent study found that almost a third of employees are late to work at least once a month, and half of them blame heavy traffic and road congestion for their delays.

Having an office space that’s easy to reach by public and private transportation can help employees avoid being late. It also helps clients to find your office.

Moreover, having an office in a business district or close to malls, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops makes access easier and boosts employee morale.

Many studies suggest that how employees get to work is essential in deciding where to work. Your office location can greatly affect productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being of your employees. Before deciding on a rental or lease, consider these things:

– How central is the office in the city?

– How easily can employees reach bus stops, metro stations, or bike paths?

– Will employees have trouble finding parking?

– Is there a cafeteria nearby? Since many employees don’t bring lunch, having a cafeteria nearby will be a good addition.

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Cost and Size-

The price tag matters greatly when looking for a new office. Since your team will spend most of their time in the office, you should ensure it’s affordable and ideal for your business needs in the long term.

Look closely at what’s included in the rent and confirm you can handle both your rent and any extra charges like parking fees, maintenance costs, or internet bills.

The size of the office is another important concern. Factors like your budget and office location influence it. You’ll need to consider how many people will work there and whether they need larger desks, private offices, or storage space. Also, consider if you need areas for meetings, relaxation, or lunch breaks, both indoors and outdoors. Will your team be comfortable in the provided space? Consider these factors.

Lease Security

Once you have shortlisted the office according to your needs, carefully reviewing the legal documents the landlord presents is the second important step. Pay close attention to the terms outlined in the lease agreement, including the lock-in period, potential rent increases over time, extra charges for amenities and penalties for terminating the lease early.

Take the time to assess whether the rent you’ll be paying aligns with the amenities and services provided in the new office space.

Lease terms should offer fair value for the charged rent.

For your mutual agreement, discuss if negotiating specific terms or any adjustments are possible to avoid conflict later.

Beware of Hidden Costs

When renting a new office, beware of hidden costs that may not be highlighted in the papers. Beyond the basic expenses like rent, Wi-Fi fees, and moving costs, there might be additional expenses that you need to include in your budget.

These hidden costs could include restoration fees, the need for extra furniture, maintenance costs, or penalties for violating the lease agreement. These hidden costs can impact your budget. For instance, you might need to invest in restructuring the space to suit your needs.

Your budget should match the overall fees of renting office space. Carefully review the lease agreement and its terms and conditions. Ask your office managers about any extra expenses.


Infrastructure plays a crucial role in deciding the suitability of an office location, primarily because it directly affects productivity. If your employees regularly deal with issues like slow Wi-Fi, unreliable networks, or plumbing problems, their work efficiency will be hindered.

You should ensure your new office space has high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi for daily operations. Additionally, the reliability of phone service providers in the area should be considered. Adequate arrangements for receiving mail and packages should be in place.

Suppose you host client meetings regularly. You should ensure that the office has screens or projectors for presentations. This availability enhances the professionalism of your meetings and presentations.

Also, ensure there’s a good coffee maker in your new office so you can enjoy fresh coffee.

Transport and parking-

Your office should be in an area with good road networks and public transport. Your office’s location should be for you, your staff, and your clients, as well as courier collection and deliveries.

An office that is easy to access by road, public transport, and on foot will impact your work life and that of your staff, as well as your customers’ ability to reach your business.

Another factor is the safe and convenient parking spaces near the office.

Is parking expensive? Expensive parking may cause a problem for you or your staff, leading to unmanageable daily expenses.

Broadband connection-

Having fast and reliable internet is necessary for businesses to operate efficiently to communicate, access online resources, and perform daily tasks.

Before choosing a new office, Ensure the location has reliable, high-speed internet coverage and a strong Wi-Fi connection and broadband services availability.

Additionally, inquire about the quality of internet service providers in the area. Some regions may have limited options for phone and broadband providers, which could impact your work.


Plus, we regularly host coworking community events to help members connect and share knowledge.

At Execube Cowork, we have a culture of caring for the people working in our office space and we have created a working environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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Questions to ask before choosing an office space?

1). What’s Included in the Lease?

This is an extremely important question to ask before signing the rental agreement. There are a wide variety of office setups—everything from coworking spaces to serviced offices and more. Each management facility’s lease will include different services at various price points.

For example, ask to see if the lease includes utilities, office furniture, access to office equipment and more. If not, are these services available at separate prices? If you don’t access these services, will you still need to pay for them?

Some office management providers do offer bundled services, which could be a great way to keep costs down. But you’ll need to ask the right question to find what’s included in the lease, or not. You want to avoid getting into a situation where you’ll be paying more than you can afford for the office space.

2). Who is Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs?

Even in rented office spaces, it’s entirely possible you could be held responsible for expenses dealing with repairs and maintenance. If you find that you’re responsible for these costs, then see if it’s possible to negotiate the percentage you’ll be held responsible for. This isn’t always possible, so if you’re worried these expenses could be too much for your business, then it’s best to look at the next rented office space on your list.

3). Who’s the Landlord?

This is an important part of your homework, too. Knowing who the landlord is can be crucial. You may ask for an earlier tenants’ contact information, then you can ask them for their views on the landlord. You can learn valuable information such as if the landlord is easy and pleasant to work with, or if they are unfair.

4). Does the Rent Increase Each Year?

Some leases include built-in rent increases, which means that your business could be hit by higher than expected rent at some point in the future. Some rental increases are set for specific amounts, while other leases may not stipulate how much the rent could increase.

Make sure you know this information to keep from getting into an office space that may end up too expensive for the business.

5). Are there Penalties for Ending the Lease Early?

What happens if suddenly you can’t afford the rent, or you need to move to a new office space? You’ll need to get out of the lease early in these situations. Be sure to ask if there are penalties for getting out of the lease early, and how much they are before you sign on the dotted line.

6). Is there Enough Parking?

Some companies tend to overlook this issue, don’t be one of them. You’ll need to find an office space that offers enough parking for your employees, clients and partners. If there’s enough parking, then ask where cars are parked. For instance, are vehicles parked on the street, or is there a dedicated parking area or parking garage?

If there are dedicated parking areas, then remember to ask if these are available to visitors, as well as employees.

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