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How to choose the right coworking space? A complete guide


Are you looking for the right coworking space and confused about how to choose the best one and even a coworking space suitable for my business or not?

What are the factors that make a coworking space the best? You may be a small business owner, a remote worker, a consultant, or a freelancer, and you are asking these questions to yourself.

Choosing the right coworking space will greatly impact your productivity and happiness. Imagine you’re in a coworking space which is filled with energy and where people are focused and motivated just like you. You will feel more energized and inspired at work and even push yourself a little harder. This is the magic of choosing the right coworking environment.

You may even feel isolated while working alone but in the right coworking space, you are surrounded by other entrepreneurs, startup teams, consultants and remote workers who understand the challenges you are facing and even might help you.

So we have listed some important factors you should consider while looking for a coworking space.

Analyze Your Work Type & Needs

Work Type & Needs

Before you look for a coworking space, you need to figure out what you need, what your work type is, and what your location preference is.

Make a checklist of everything that you need while working in a coworking space, such as internet speed, desk space, and any special equipment or service you might need.

Before looking for a coworking space, you need to consider your needs, your work type and which type of location is most suitable for your business.

Suitable Location

Cowork LocationThe location of a great coworking space matters a lot. Nobody wants to waste their time in traffic or travel halfway across the city every day. So, the location of your coworking space should be easily accessible to both public transportation and roads.

The ease of access for you, your team members and even your clients impacts your company. Even, a visible location will help attract potential members who may be passing by your coworking space.

Proximity to Public Transport

Public Transport

Closeness to public transport greatly enhances commuting convenience for both employees and clients.

Employees are happier commuting short distances by avoiding traffic-filled roads. So, your coworking space should be located within 500700 meters of public transport.

Office spaces close to public transportation make it more convenient for clients and partners to visit. This accessibility can be a crucial factor in closing deals, hosting meetings, or accommodating visiting clients who may not have access to private transportation. Commuting by public transport also involves some degree of walking, which further helps employees’ health.

close to public transport are easier for clients to visit, which helps in closing deals and hosting meetings.

Amenities & Services

While nearby amenities and services enhance the overall experience. Top coworking amenities that can boost the overall experience while working in coworking spaces are-

  • Fast internet
  • Conference rooms
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Rest pods
  • Coffee bars
  • Fitness centers
  • Venues for events

These facilities separate a great coworking space from others. So you should take a look at these facilities as these will highly contribute to your work environment, increasing productivity and even allowing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Client Accessibility

Client Accessibility

If you run a business that requires frequent meetings and visits then this is one of the most important factors for you when choosing a top coworking space.

Here are the factors you should look-

  1. Location
  2. Transportation options
  3. Parking availability

All of these factors can impact the accessibility of a coworking space for clients.

Coworking spaces that prioritize client accessibility can provide numerous benefits, including-

  1. Creating a professional environment
  2. Improving user experience & reputation
  3. Increasing market reach

Benefits and Additional Services

Consider any additional services they offer. Top coworking spaces host events and workshops on topics like networking and skill-building.

These events will help in-

  1. Forming connections and collaborations
  2. Providing peer support and advice
  3. Enhancing productivity and creativity
  4. Increasing marketing and visibility

So, if these are something you’re interested in, look for a space that offers opportunities to connect & grow.

Review Membership Terms & Cancellation Policies

Membership & Cancellation Policies

Membership terms and cancellation policies are a very critical point.

These terms and policies of your membership will include your queries, like how long you are signing up for it, what amenities are included, and any rules and regulations you need to follow.

Read these carefully and understand everything before you sign it. Maybe you want to shift to another location or your financial situation changes.

Some coworking spaces have strict cancellation policies and charge some amount of fee if you want to leave before your contract expires. That’s why it is important to know what happens if you cancel your membership early. Make sure to clarify any cancellation policies and fees.

Employment Satisfaction

Employment SatisfactionEmployment satisfaction is one of the most important factors when looking for a coworking space. Check out if the space promotes employee well-being and recreational activities. A positive work environment and culture contribute to the overall mental health and satisfaction of employees.

Check if your coworking space aligns with your company’s culture and values. The atmosphere & decoration should match your employees’ work mood.

Schedule a one-day visit to ask questions & check out the atmosphere

In the end, schedule at least a one-day visit. If I ask you to buy a car without a test drive? Will you buy it? I hope not. Right? The same applies to coworking spaces. You shouldn’t start directly working without at least visiting it.

During your visit, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember, you have the opportunity to get the details directly from the manager rather than reading online. Ask them about membership plans, amenities they will be providing, community events and other information you would like to ask.

While exploring the space, take a detailed look around. What’s the atmosphere like? Is it filled with energy or as quiet as a library? Do people seem happy and energetic, or are they staring at their screens with dead eyes?

Pay attention to the little details, too. Are there enough power outlets?

These things might seem small and senseless but they will impact your work when you work there.


So, don’t just settle for the first one you find. Do some research and then select one that feels like the perfect fit for you.

At the end, to pick the right coworking space, you need to consider multiple things.

But most importantly, before you commit, visit the space in person. Ask questions to the community manager & pay attention to little details like seating arrangements & noise. Choosing the right coworking space can make a big difference in your work productivity.

And don’t forget about the atmosphere, it is comfortable for you, your team & your workstyle.

For more information about coworking spaces please contact us today!


How do I choose a coworking space?

There are multiple factors based on which you can choose top coworking spaces. Some of the most important ones are here-

  • The type of culture in coworking spaces
  • Amenities they are providing
  • Culture they have developed for coworkers
  • Opportunities they are providing to connect & work with other coworkers

What makes the best coworking space?

First & most important that its price should be well below the traditional office prices. Remember prices are based on location, amenities & other factors. But it all depends on the needs and requirements of businesses. You should find a coworking space which provides everything you need.

How do I choose a workspace?

There are a number of things one can consider while looking for a coworking space. First of all make sure the office size is suitable for your business, not too big- not too small. Check- coworking amenities, broadband connectivity, coffee machine, dedicated smoking area & other things you would like to have.

What to expect in a coworking space?

You can expect a number of things in coworking space. Here are some of the expected things in flexible spaces- fresh environment, top amenities, high-speed internet, dedicated smoking zone etc.

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